kids school socks

kids school socks


Key Features :

Fabric Composition : These school socks are made up Cotton & Spandex that provides your kid’s comfort the required stretch ability for a perfect look. The super soft & breathable cotton fabric let your kid’s skin breathe throughout the day to keep your skin fresh throughout the day. Along with this, the stretchable comfort of spandex gives a contoured, snug fit look.

The Cotton Comfort : The quality cotton fabric used to craft these pairs are  breathable with  exceptional moisture-wicking properties which not only absorbs sweat to avoid the foot odor but acts as a ventilation to let your kid’s skin dry making it a perfect pick for everyday use

Soft Elastic : The velt of this full length cotton socks are  wide with soft elastic that hold its position firmly without getting roll down and avoids deep marks on your kid’s skin

Durability & Protection : These socks are known for its durability which provides cushioning to pad the feet and avoids rubbing of shoes on the bare foot making it protect from blisters.

Perfect Pick : Ideal wear with school shoes, sandals or floater, These socks are perfect pick for your kid’s school wear and  fit for all kinds of sports, fitness activities and playtime at school.




Bonjour presents a pack of 5 Full-Length School Socks for your little one. These socks are made of the finest cotton which will ensure to keep your babies feet soft and smooth all day long. These socks surely will make your babies feet fresh feel. These thoughtfully-created socks have standard toes for smooth seams.


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